About Us

Welcome to Creative City. Since the company launch in 2007, Creative City has been providing thousands of clients with reliable services in a successful business environment. Creative City sets up professional environment for individuals and businesses working in a broad spectrum of business fields including media, events, consulting, education, communication and marketing, music and entertainment, design and technology complementing existing media clusters in the region and further facilitating creativity in all fields. 

Creative City provides licenses to individuals within a Free Zone economic environment. It regulates and processes all government formalities, work permits and visas and simplifies the process of a business startup. Providing a complete one-stop solution, Creative City offers customized services and business packages and ensures professional assistance to its clients during every step of a company formation process.

Our Mission

We shall provide our customers/businesses a tax free business friendly environment that will strengthen them in their battle to success and the continued profitability now and in the future. We will achieve this by offering flexible services with simple quick procedures and transparent charges that allow our clients' business to flourish especially in the crucial startup period due to a clear understanding of the rule that negative cash flow is the main closer of successful and creative concepts that may have grown into profitable companies.

Our Vision

To create an infrastructure, environment and attitude that will enable media, consulting, communications, design and technology fields to operate locally, regionally and globally from Fujairah.

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