Business Licenses

Q: How do I start my business in Creative City? 
A: Creative City offers a complete one-stop solution for setting up your business. Refer to our “Easy Guide to Obtaining a License with Creative City” for details on how to set up your company in our free zone. 

Q: What is the processing time for registering my company in Creative City? 
A: The processing time for registering a company is 2-3 working days. 

Q: Can I set up a company at Creative City if I’m not based in the UAE? 
A: You can set up a company if you have a valid UAE entry stamp or a residence visa at the time of company registration.


Q: What are the steps of employment visa application? 
A: The steps are the following:
Step 1: Employment E-Visa Application (processing time- 10 working days)
Step 2: Once visa is issued, you can entry the country using E-visa; or Visa Amendment for applicants within the UAE who do not wish to exit the country
Step 3: Medical Test
Step 4: Applying for Emirates ID
Step 5: Residency Stamping (processing time- 10 working days)
Step 6: Work Permit/ Labour Card (processing time- 7 working days)
Please refer to Manual for Visa Applications for details.

Q: Do you need my original passport for issuing of the visa? 
A: No, we only require a colour copy of the passport for issuing the e-visa. The original passport is required only at the stages of visa amendment and residency stamping. 

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